Cheryl Harper

Cheryl Harper

Administrative Assistant

Cheryl’s introduction to the industry was with Great Pacific Management, beginning in 1989. As the company went through acquisitions through to its current incarnation, HollisWealth, Cheryl moved through different positions and departments. She began by processing in the RRSP Department and then moved on to management positions, ending with Supervisor of Administration, when the company moved office operations to Toronto at the end of 2004.

In 2005 Cheryl came to work for James and Leanne to oversee their back office operation, account administration and account transfers. Her industry knowledge and experience provides keen insight into the operations of fund companies, investment firms, trust companies and compliance departments. This insight, along with her contacts at various companies, allows Cheryl to quickly and efficiently identify and fix problems when they occur outside of our control, and before our clients become aware that there was an issue.
Cheryl is so very thankful for the experience with the company and all that she’s learned about money management and investing. She raised a son as a single parent and he is her pride and joy. He is now 28, living in England and completing his PHD. Cheryl is married five years to a wonderful man and lives on acreage in the Fraser Valley.

Cheryl loves being with her family, gardening, the sunshine, and Caribbean vacations.